capybaraCapybara Shrinecapybara

Welcome to the Capybara Shrine. I was given this domain for a thing that fell through, and I shall now use it for this instead. Not entirely sure what this is, but I'm having fun with it so whatever. It's like a shitpost but more genuine. Cabybaba 4 LIFE!!

Check out the links below for more cabybaba goodness!!


Cabybaba Stats

Homeland: South America, except Chile
Size: chunky, about 4ft long and 2ft tall, weighing 80-150lb
Top Speed: 30mph on land
Power: many much power
Danger level: extremely high, watch out.

Why I love Cabybabas

  • They are very snooty looking
  • They are the biggest rodent, will beat you up
  • They stretch their back legs out when they get comfy
  • They eat fruits and vegetables, very healthy
  • They love to swim, like me!
  • They are very dumb, like me!
  • They shall one day take over the universe
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